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The Mzansi Bible

The leaders of modern Israel have acknowledged the Bible to be the most important gift that the nation of Israel has given to the world. They are hereby giving opportunity to every nation in the world which has received the Bible, to inscribe it in their indigenous languages, in the handwriting of individual participants, on scrolls specially prepared in Israel. These Bible scrolls in different languages, from different nations of the world, will later be stored up for display in a massive Bible House, a gigantic Bible museum named ‘The Bible House’ in Israel.

This initiative is quite prophetic, in that it could be a way in which God is allowing families, languages, people groups and nations to rewrite their history by laying a new foundation that connects with the Abrahamic blessings.


The Bible Valley Society, an Israeli non-profit organization, is coordinating the Bible House Project globally, while The Institute for Christian Leadership Development (ICLD), based in Pretoria, has been authorized to coordinate the project in South Africa.


Due to the unique demographics of South Africa, the Bible will be inscribed in all eleven official languages.

Each person inscribing will be given the opportunity to make a token financial contribution per verse towards the cost of the project. These funds will be used to cover the costs of importing all the materials for inscription (the scrolls, certificates and registration documents) from Israel, and of taking the scrolls around South Africa for inscription.

Each inscriber will also receive a certificate that indicates participation.